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In 2015, Coastal Lacrosse began offering successful camps and clinics throughout the year. In the summer of 2017, Coastal added on a club program! This allowed our athletes access to more lacrosse opportunities throughout the entire year. It has been a great experience for all involved!

Coastal Lacrosse prides itself in individualized skill development and overall team play. Coastal is unique as we are the only program home to Boston's North Shore, offering year-round lacrosse programs for girls. Providing local competitive playing opportunities for our players is so important to us. This allows our players to play competitively in a location close to home, while also being involved in other activities. We encourage our players to be involved in multiple activities and not just lacrosse all year. Even though the majority of our athletes play with us year-round, we allow our players to participate by season as well. We understand the importance of taking a break from lacrosse at times! Our best athletes are those that are involved in multiple activities throughout the year. Coastal offers three seasons of club lacrosse: Fall, Winter & Summer. In the Spring, we encourage players to focus on their town/school team. In addition, CL offers numerous clinics, camps, etc throughout the year.

Multi-sport athletes, seasonal participation, fair pricing & a close-knit local club are just some of our program's highlights.

Our K-3rd grade program will be a Developmental Program for young lacrosse players looking to get more lacrosse in throughout the year! The developmental program will focus on the basics of lacrosse, the importance of team & beginning to learn team concepts. At this age, we believe our athletes are still too young to start competing at the club level. It is essential for these young athletes to further understand the game and be confident with their skills/knowledge of the game.

Our 4th-10th grade teams will start to play competitive club lacrosse in our Competitive Program. At this age, the athletes are ready for more elite competition and to challenge themselves. Our year round program still allows and encourages for the athletes to participate in multiple activities. Coastal Lacrosse believes that this is the best way to develop a well-rounded athlete. Being involved in multiple activities/sports will allow for the best lacrosse player to be developed!

Our mission is to provide a positive and supportive environment, while also providing our lacrosse players with great life lessons such as passion, hard work, effort, loss/triumph, sacrifice, leadership, accountability, responsibility and so much more! The game of lacrosse not only offers competitive experiences, it also develops our players into confident and successful individuals. We strive to offer club programs to committed student-athletes interested in playing lacrosse throughout the year in a more advanced setting. Coastal supports all athletes: the athlete looking to stay active & have fun on the lacrosse field, the athlete looking to improve their game and also the athlete looking to play at the next level... whatever that may mean- select, high school, college, etc! We value our Coastal family and all that it entails. As a smaller club program, we believe the connections built between coaches/teams is something to value- personalized coaching & knowing our athletes is a must.

We hope you'll join us, love being a part of our Coastal community & grow with us as we head in our 6th year as a club program.



It is crucial for our program to provide our athletes with ample playing time and experiences on the playing field, both in practice and at tournaments. The more exposure- the better! We take pride in building strong relationships with our coaches, players and families. Open communication is key.


No practices/tournaments- We fully believe that our athletes should take the spring season to commit to their town/school teams.


All of our coaching staff has women's collegiate lacrosse playing experience. Some are current college, high school & youth coaches, while some are student-athletes finishing their lacrosse playing careers. It is extremely important to have coaches that are positive & nurturing, while also providing a competitive atmosphere. This balance is key to success!


Although we'd love our athletes to develop with us year round and build team camaraderie, we do understand that seasonal participation may be the only option for some families. Any experience and exposure to lacrosse is GREAT for player development.