Winter 2022-23 Programs

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PK & K

Our new “Tiny” Programs are for our tiniest players, previously known as our “Developmental Program.” Along with lacrosse & field hockey skills, this program will get our players moving - and most importantly, having fun while doing so! We believe a strong foundation to sport includes locomotor skills, communication and social emotional well-being… all within a safe environment. We hope this program promotes not only a shared passion for lacrosse & field hockey, but also the desire to live an active lifestyle!

*Equipment available upon request.

Tiny Laxers & Dribblers - Lacrosse & Field Hockey:

PK/K 4-4:45 pm

1st & 2nd Grade

Tiny Laxers - Lacrosse:

1st/2nd, 4-5 pm

Tiny Dribblers - Field Hockey:

1st/2nd, 5-6 pm

*1st/2nd graders - Both programs (LAX & FH) for $275*

Youth, Middle & HS

Youth - 3rd/4th
Middle - 5th/6th, 7th/8th
High School - 9th-12th

Lacrosse Training:

4-5 pm, $200

Field hockey Training:

5-6 pm, $200

*Both Lacrosse & Field Hockey Training for $350*

laxness: stick skills/conditioning

Join us for our original "LAXness!" A combination of "Lacrosse - LAX" and "Fitness:" a Stick Skills Intensive program combined with Conditioning.

5-6 pm, $100

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